Sunday, March 23, 2014

The End of One-sided Love

assalamualaikum.. its been a long time since i posted in this blog. today, i had to write what going on in my mind. milkysmile i had a sad story to begin with.

Yesterday, i had heard one unexpected news from my bestfriend. very sad news to me. my 1st love had got married. when i come to think of it, it had been almost 9 years i had this feeling for him. i never thought this day would come this soon. Photobucket he was one of my trustful frienemy... the one i had really cared before.

To Mr. B :

I had seen ur wedding photo.. i hope u'll be happy with ur wife until jannah. may ALLAH bless u n ur fmly. smile more..btw, thnks for not informing me of ur marriage eventhough i really want to know from urself.  i will remember u 4 my entire life. thnks for all the memories. pls do pray for me to meet my soulmate. by that time, we can met as a friend and not as a sad memory.

Ya ALLAH, i believe we r not meant to be together. pls give me guidance in my life and bring me closer to You, ya ALLAH. :) this might be the best.

my entry today may sound desperate and childish but this is one of the way for me to deal with my broken heart. everything seems too real to be truth. how fast time already flies. i hope i will hear some good news later.

take care.

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